tonsilectomy thick mucous 3 minutes ago

I have had a tonsillectomy 3 days ago at the age of 43. I knew there would be pain but that isn't my issue my problem is the mucous in my throat is so thick I have difficulty breathing but much worse I am supposed to take my meds and stay hydrated. The mucous is so thick that it acts as a trampoline with anything that I put in my mouth. I swallow and immediately no matter how little fluid it is it slingshots back up off the mucous choking me. I cough some out but not enough to solve the problem. Is this normal? I am worried about dehydration and infection due to the fact nothing will go down. Called my doctors office and they said to keep trying. Its been 2 days without being able to get anything down. This is also a problem that awakens me every 20 minutes choking me. has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions?