I agree with most the text on the subject, except for I think a lot of people assume that anxiety is somehow not "real". And, I assure you that it is. I've had severe anxiety to the point where it has landed me in the hospital for breathing problems, caused excruciating chest pain, and also developed other physical symptoms like hives, shingles, insomnia. It is by far the most debilitating thing. I am saying that now as a cancer patient. Some very good anti-anxiety drugs are addictive but if something happens like a death in the family or a cancer diagnosis ativan may be your best option if used properly and under the care of a doctor.

I personally know how severe the disorder can be so, if you have a clinical need you need not be concerned of being labeled a drug addict even if you do develop a dependency. It is the same as a person who clinically needs any medications including medical conditions such as blood pressure and you wouldn't consider that drug "addictive" in nature even though the person needs it to survive. People who live with severe anxiety have to take things like xanax and in extenuating circumstances drugs like ativan can save a severely afflicted person a lot of pain and suffering. But do be careful, don't play around with it and be under a doctor's care.