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Hi all,

I have done all tests to become pregnent but there is no problem with me and my husband, its almost 5 year of my marriage. we are trying for the baby from 3 years, 2 months back i got one miscarriage my doctor said they con't say any particular reason for this and she suggest me to go to infertility office. afte that we went to infertility office so there that doctor suggest us to go for artificial insemination, we are just confused that what to do. one more thing is infertility specialist said that my husband motility is low, i have a doubt here that if motility is low then how can i became pregnent before 2 months? so please advice mepro.


Hello! I was wondering if someone has been through the assisted reproduction using artificial insemination with husband sperm recently? Did they use the follicle stimulation by shots? Please help if you can...thank you