K long story short I had a miscarry at 5 weeks aug 29th lasted a normal period cycle of 7 days I then ovulated around 9-13th of sep me n my husband had sex in them days had nausea most symptoms as I had when I miscarried did tests that were neg then my period was 2 days late I'm a accurate 28 day cycle but what I thought was a period was different lasted 2 days was a pink red colour filled not even 3 tampons it completely stopped weird I used panty liner incase of accident but nothing for whole day the next day I had light spotting only when I wiped it was much more watery light pink and started going Brown it completely stopped yesterday did a test at lunch time came back neg again I'm so confused am I preg could this be a period and its just out of wack from miscarry I hav two kids never had implantation bleeding before help I'm going insane I haven't changed diet not stressed so could this mean I am preg I hav sore lower bk I could sleep all day not much nausea now headaches no sore boobs and a bit constipated