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I need a little help in understanding some things and medical terms.
I’m 17 years old and I’m on a third year of medical high school.
Twice a week we have a lesson from subject Microbiology with immunology and we have a guest professor coming from some foreign clinic.
This week professor, while he was talking about some infective disease, used one word many times. That word is seroconversation period. I really don’t what does it means and will like to find out.
I looked up in some medical dictionaries and internet but I didn’t find an explanation.
Could anybody help me?


Hello. I am always glad to help when I see that there are still some kids like you willing to learn and improve them self.
I don’t know a lot about immunology but, I know meaning of that word.
The medical definition is next: the seroconversion is the period of time after a person is infected with an infectious organism (such as a virus or bacterium) but before enough antibodies have developed that they can be detected by a test.
It means that there is always one period of antibodies development to a particular antigen and after that period body is ready for defense.
That period can be little as one week to several months or more after infection with some serious virus like HIV or similar.
I hope I helped a bit! Good luck with school!