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what is symptoms of miscarriage


It varies but if you have cramping with productive bleeding (where you have a cramp and immediately gush some blood) that is usually a sure sign. Cramping alone is a normal healthy part of pregnancy as the womb adjusts to the growing baby. Some women have a little bleeding and all can still be fine. Bleeding does not automatically mean miscarriage. Some think loss of symptoms (sickness, sore breasts) is a valid sign of miscarriage but they can come and go, unless accompanied by productive bleeding and cramping, its is not a cause for concern most of the time. My advice would be for anyone that is bleeding or unsure to get checked out as soon as possible, in early pregnancy they can do a few blood tests to check the hcg levels, beyond 8 weeks ultrasound scan will be used to check. Problems in early pregnancy is a bit of a waiting game sadly, and its so scary to not know what is happening. Best wishes to anyone going through this.