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I'm very confused...a little scared, and very upset! I took a pregnancy test on Saturday 3/30/13, it was positive.  I could not have been very far along at this point from my calculations of activity.  My husband and I were not trying ,but were happy for the new addition.  I started bleeding late afternoon on Friday 4/5/13, I immediately put on a pad to track the amount of blood being lost.  When I woke up the next morning, Saturday 4/6/13 I had filled that pad, but was really not heavy flow bleeding any longer, at least not enough to wear a pad. I kept close eye all day on the situation, but never had any large gushes, just small amounts of blood with little tissue on my panties or when I wiped. This amount continued until about 6pm on Sunday 4/7/13 I started having very painful almost labor like pains.  At about 7 I stood up from the recliner to go to bed and a gush of tissue like fluid came out.  My bleeding was still very minimal.  The cramps went away by around 9 or 10pm and I slept all night.  When I woke up on Monday 4/8/13 I had a tiny bit of blood in my panties, but after showering did not have anymore. I'm going to the doctor at noon, but just want to see if anyone else has experienced this?



Hi Alvin Mommy, scary isn't it?  I am sure it was your implantation bleeding along with any other blood that was contained in the cervix but your doctor is going to confirm this for you today.  She is going to either send you for an ultrasound to check for heartbeat and dating or just a simple blood test to check that your HCG levels are where they should be for how far along you are.  

Good luck today and post back to tell what your doctor says to you - thoughts and hugs are sent your way!



Hi Alvin,

You may have had a miscarriage. False positives are VERY rare.

While you can have bleeding early in pregnancy, this seems to be more than typical.  The cramping and tissue are common during a miscarriage.

They are more common than most women realize, especially early on.  They often appear as nothing more than a late period with cramping.

You may continue to show a positive on a pregnancy test for a short period.  It can take time for the levels to drop.  Your doctor can do a "quantitative test" to track if the hCG is rising or dropping.

Good luck.