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Hi, I had sex July 13th for the first time. No protection but he used the pull out method way before he.. you know. Well, my first period after I had sex was super heavy and was 2 days late. However, ever since then my periods have been lighter and one day earlier and early by 4-7 days defiantly not the same as my regular flow also I have hardly had cramps. I took 3 pregnancy tests one 7-26 the other 9-16 and the most recent 9-29. All negative. I have had some symptoms such as I feel like my belly is getting larger and some nausea. I have also just started to work out again in August for at least 8 hours a day doing strength training. Please tell me if there is any possible way I could be pregnant.


well I'm no doctor but i have experienced what you are going thru. It doesn't sound like you are pregnant maybe you just have a hormonal imbalance. our cycles tend to change a lot based on our actions maybe your are under going a lot of stress and it is causing it to be lighter and change times . I say that i don't want a child but secretly i really want one so every time something doesn't seem right with my body i blame it on a pregnancy when actually its not true i just trick myself into having the symptoms.