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Me and a bunch of people hung out at my boyfriend's house for New Year's Eve. There was no alcohol involved or anything illegal. Just video games, nicotines, chips and movies. Later in the night (about 10pm), the house was much quieter and of course the couples took rooms and couches around the place. Me and my boyfriend started making out........ he fingered me then I gave him a hand job. After that, we just talked about stuffs until midnight. (We never took out clothes off, by the way.)

We're both 100% sure we didn't had intercourse.

We're extremely sure pre-cum or the cum itself didn't go near my vagina.

One day, I started feeling like I was pregnant. I told him and few of my friends but we all agreed that it's impossible since sex didn't occurred. I did my research about early pregnancy symptoms and figured out I felt about 3 symptoms which freaked me out more. They are:

1. Breast tenderness. (I felt my breast sore just for a day, but my arms were sore too. I assumed it was from playing Dodge ball the other in my Phy ED class.)

2. About 2 days of constipation. (I read it somewhere...)

3. Missed period. (For two weeks.)

I am not that certain about the third symptoms, but I could recall that my period usually comes about the first week of the month. However, once it came about the third week....I couldn't really say that I missed my period yet, being I never kept track of my menstrual days before. I never experience morning sickness or implantation bleeding either.

It's almost two weeks after that making out incident. On the 12th day after the New Year's Eve incident, a friend of mine went with me to a store and we bought two pregnancy test. We read the labels for about half an hour, making sure we understood everything.

Both of it were negative.

Then here comes the most cliché question from female teenagers; Could I be pregnant?


If you havent had intercourse at all since or before you last period you more then likely are not pregnant...

I posted a thing on her about being pregnant and i said that i was was going # 2 wayy more.. and some one said that it was a sign of pregnancy...

Soo witch one is it? more poop or no poop? lmao


Um, okay....

It was like for two days, I think. rofl.

So I usually get my period about third week of each month (though sometimes it's earlier or it's late by a few days). It started this Monday, January 14. It was heavy and exactly just like my period. But today, (third day of period; btw, my period usually lasts for a week) it wasn't heavy.

Usually, by third day it gets reaaaaally heavy. But right now, it isn't.

Could this be implantation bleeding or just my actual period changing phase etc..?


well i dont know much.. but i do know that USALLY not always.. implantion bleeding is brownish red... or regular red and can last ne where from 1 day to 16 days maybe even longer.. some girls have crmaps while this happens some dont.. some girls dont even get the bleeding.. but you know you better then ne one.. if you think its not normal then it could be implantion bleeding.. oh and usally that sort of bleeding is light...

Do you want to be pregnant? or are you just scared you could be?

and sorry did you say you did have sex..or that you didnt?

Oh and if you want to test you should wait up to 10 days after implantion bleeding


We didn't had sex.

I'm not trying to conceive, I'm a sophomore, I don't think a baby would be very convenient right now.

I took a pregnancy test 12 days after the day I suspect shizz occured. They're all negative.

So implantation/spotting would be really light? Cause like what I said, I started bleeding Monday and until this morning it was really heavy. But now it's like almost done, which is not normal because my periods usually lasts a week..I don't know I was really relieved when I started bleeding and was like.."yay, no babies."

Then now, I'm freaking out again. I've been researching online but can't really find something reliable.


if youre sure you did not have sex or there was no naked butt contact.. then you should be fine... but to be sure you should see your doc.

Im a senior and my boyfriend really wants a baby so were trying.. but i been irregular for a while and its hard to know when im ovulating!! its so frustrating!

but i thik for the most part you should be fine.. specially if its been more then 12 days and you have had no sex.

Do you know when the last time you had sex was? or have you at all


Umm..We didn't had sex or anything. ..

All of my friends convinced me that I'm fine; even me, I think I'm not pregnant. But I don't know...I kind of feel like I am. =/ (One told me that it's probably emotional reaction to stuffs, how lame that sounds... =/ )

Really? That's great. =] Idk, I'm was never the one who likes babies. And our lives are somehow not suited for babies, it will be bad for the baby, I'd suppose.

But another question, would you like gain weight even if you're just counting weeks in pregnancy?

Thanks in advance.


my bestfriend is 30 weeks pregnant and shes gaind about 30lbs and this was all mostly towards now more then the begining if thats what you mean