i have a friend who shared this to me and asked me if i could find help/find answers to his problem. he and his girlfriend where grinding with clothes on last thurs. he had a brief and school pants/dress pants on while his girlfriend had a skirt and a panty on while they were doing this. at one point her girlfriend took off her panty and he removed his pants but he was still in his underwear. then they continued to grind. after a while he took his brief off and their genitiles touched but they did not grind. for about 20 secs he put his brief back on and they continued and stoped once he ejaculated but no sperm touched his girlfriend's body. then after a while rest they once again grinded but this time they kept their brief, panty, skirt and pants on and he ejaculated again. the question of my friend is this, can his girlfriend be pregnant after that? he is asking this because this day is the first day of the week his gf is supposed to have her period but didn't. is it probably because his gf will have a late period?