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Hi, after years of constant problems with balance and everyday headaches, I got referral to have a CT scan done and it revealed I have 2 tumors on the left side of my brain. My doctor told me that they can’t risk operation because the tumors are located very deep in my brain, so the only option I have to get rid of this is to undergo whole brain radiation. My doctor is full of praise for this type of treatment, but I’m afraid of all the potential side effects radiation might leave. Will my mental functions get damaged? Or will I have problems with common every day activities and thinking and talking? I'm male, 52 years old and generally healthy - besides the tumor.


I don't know for sure but, magnesium had work for my headaches like a MAGNESIUM MIRACLE. But your case is different. As far as I know that, brain stroke can cause memory lost, not for the past but the recent. But I don't think tumors got anything to do with it.