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My implanon is being removed at @ 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. TODAY.(March 1st,2013). 

What kinds of symptoms could I expect when there is no implanon?


Hello Michele, I had my son back in October 2010. I had a implanon afterward in March of 2011. I started TTC in 2012. I had my implanon removed on April 2012. I had the implanon for about 13 or 14 months. The whole time i had it ... i had not period or spotting. After having it removed...took me about almost 6 months to have a period. The whole time in 6month that i didnt have a period i experience bad cramps, continuous blaoting, bad tummy ache, dizziness, lots of discharges that was unsure, I felt sick.  I think that implanon cause infertility to my body. I been TTC for almost a year. next month in april will be 1 year of ttc. I started having my period in October 2012. and Bding since...hopeing i ovulate and get pregnant. 

Ive gave up in December. It was helpless to keep trying after a long period of time. 

In February 27, 2013. Ive just found out im Pregnant. Im excited. I felt like finally my little miracle is here.

Im almost 10 weeks along. 


I hope it all goes well with you. Everyone women is different. I hope that whatever ur choice is in life. I wish you for the best. I would not recommend implanon to any other women who plans to have more kids in the future because it may cause infertility to some of you women and some of you women might be lucky not to have catch infertility disease. Take care of yourselves ladies and stay safe.