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Hi everyone, I have a question of alcohol consumption and diabetes. My husband drinks a fair amount and he is a type 2. Can someone tell me about hypoglycemia and alcohol symptoms? It seems to me that he has a lot of hypos and sometimes this comes back for several days when he has eaten properly. Is it possible that the alcohol can affect blood sugar levels days after you drank it. Now, my husband doesn't drink fru-fru drinks and he doesn't like wine. He drinks a beer now and then but mostly he drinks straight gin. Is there a difference. I just think of alcohol as being alcohol. Anyone know about this stuff. I'm kinda worried about him and trying to get him to cut back.


Hello, Hypoglycemia can be very serious if left unchecked. Mild forms can usually be remedied with eating something or taking some fruit juice. Unfortunately, alcohol and make hypoglycemia worse and it can last for several days after you stopped drinking. If you are really having problems with hypos you may have to stay away from alcohol or at least drink a lot less. You might want to talk to your doctor about this and see what he/she has to say. Consuming less alcohol and eating something substantial before or during drinking can help considerably.


You need to consider that alcohol is a toxin. As such, your liver is going to break it down and get rid of it. If you drink too much, the liver can't keep up and this does damage to your liver cells. If you don't eat while drinking, you end up using all the glucose you have in your blood and this causes your blood sugar levels to drop. While your liver is breaking down alcohol, this impairs the release of glucose from the liver allow your blood levels to plummet. If you start shaking, sweating, feel dizzy and get hungry, eat something right away. Something that will bring your blood sugar levels up quickly. Try some sugar pills or candy right away and then try to eat something substantial that contains protein, carbs and fats. This will maintain blood sugar levels for a longer time. If you can't quite drinking all together, try drinking less and eating something at the same time to prevent hypos.