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Hello, This is the question i am very much afraid off and got rid off too.. When i pull my penis forehead skin there is some white creamy type material and it smells very bad. I clean it every time but it comes again and again. I m just afraid what it is.and also my forehead skin is not pills down totally. It hurts alot when i pull it down. Please help.. I am just gor screwed up with that white creamy type material..


Hi Jay,

The white creamy material is called smegma and it is NORMAL.  It's a mix of dead skin, oils, and other cells that occur naturally.  You do need to clean yourself.

It's normal for your foreskin to not retract fully until about age 16 or so.  You can help by stretching it.  Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin OR use your fingers to spread the opening.  The more you do it the sooner it'll retract easily - and the easier it'll be to clean your penis.

Good luck.