Hi I am a person with a very addictive personality! I drank for 20yrs but 2 yrs ago I quit cold turkey no problem....However I have been addicted to tylenol 1's for 15yrs...this too i quit cold turkey 3weeksa ago the first few days were horrible throwing up, diareah,sweats bone aches,massive headaches but they started to get better into my 2 week...but I still am sick it is like i have the flu without throwing up or having diareah... I can't get off the couch(very low energy) my body still hurts, and my stomach is quizzy..I have been so lethargic and sick that I haven't been able to go to work or anywhere for that matter... I am  so depressed.... I never want to go back to that unfulfilling life...but have had thoughts of it cause I just can't take this anymore.....please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!