I went to the doctor a long time ago for a vaginal discharge, that is clear right before my period but turns a beige color and also yellowish/ light greenish. There is a smell to it but I can't describe it. She prescribed an antibiotic that I was supposed to take 6x daily for 10 days in order to get rid of an infection in my vagina that is causing the discharge. Well, I didn't take it like I was supposed to and now the discharge never went away and I can't remember the name of the antibiotic or the doctor.

It's not an std; I am a virgin and I've already taken pills for BV, a yeast infection and UTI since then.
I bad a urine culture recently and nothing showed up/ reacted to antibiotics.

There are really no other side effects to this infection; other than the heavy discharge; itching/ abdominal pain; so seldom that I'm pretty sure it was just because I was getting ready to start my period and I get really bad cramps.

PLEASE HELP ME! Anyone with any suggestions on any type of medication/antibiotic that can be taken 6x daily, (For up to 10 days) that is used to treat any type of vaginal bacterial infection with discharge/ UTI: PLEASE HELP! The doctor told me it was a UTI...