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Dear All, I just joined the forum and I am looking forward to learn a lot. Today, I found out that I am pregnant. Currently, I am single, never been married or got pregnant before. I had on and off relationships with two men. Now facing a dilemma, which I only saw from movies. I do not know who is the father of my baby. I tried to workout on my own but no success. I will lay down the chronicle below. Please help me to find this out. My menstrual cycle is 30+1 days. My last period started on 30th August 2015. I met with Mr K on 1st of September. We used condom as a protection. I do not know, if condom was broke or not. I met Mr M on 8th September. This is the man I have the longest on-off relationship. We had an unprotected sex but on the same day, I took 72 hrs pill. Today is 8th October 2015. And I am staring at 2 pregnancy tests and they are both positive. I do agree with the idea that any man has the right to know, if he has a child. But I don't want to tell anyone, unless I find out for sure that one of them is the father. Please help!


Hi Bluesky,

When did you have sex with Mr. K and Mr. M?

With a period starting on 30 August you'd likely ovulate between about 11 and 17 Sept.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hours.

Condoms are very reliable when used properly.

Emergency contraceptives, the morning after pill, are NOT as effective as a condom OR as a daily birth control pill. 

You are VERY likely pregnant.  False positives are VERY rare.

Assuming you have not had sex with Mr. K since you met Mr. M, odds STRONGLY suggest Mr. M is the father. 

There is still a chance of Mr. K being the father if you ovulated early but it isn't likely since you did use a condom.   We can't know when you ovulated, after the fact.

A DNA test can confirm paternity.

Good luck.