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Hi i have a problem, have around 5-6 red bumps under my tongue,they do not hurt and i have been worried sick over this. I had oral sex with a sex worker in August and i did a HIV last week,123 days after that and it was negative.Could it be HIV/STD? That was my only sexual encounter.

What could they be?
Pls help :-(


Hello there since you have already taken this test which showed negative result it is very unlikely that you have HIV. If you are afraid of sexual transmitted disease you will have to visit your doctor and do some additional tests.

But I think that you probably have fever blisters or canker sores or mouth ulcers. You can call them whatever name you like, but you are stuck with them for at least 14 days!

 They usually occur in mouth or under tongue or on the inner side of the lips. This condition is very contagious so avoid children if you have them in your surroundings.

Consult your doctor about this condition if you feel high fever or irritation of the eye or some other severe symptoms.