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About 4 days ago, I started getting little bumps on the left side of my throat beside and slightly on my tongue. About a day later, I came down with a fever which I have has ever since, a headache and a cough. I was also feeling slightly nauseous yesterday.
The bumps are really what are worrying me because I have never had anything like them before. They are similar to little ones I get on the tip or front part of my toungue when I eat too much sugar or very acid food but are way greater in number and much further back then ever before.
I am taking cold medication for my cold symptoms but it is not doing anything for my throat or cough.
If anyone knows anything, please let me know.


Hello there,

I believe that you have cold sores or as some others like to call them by their medical term mouth ulcers. This condition is very contagious so avoid any children, especially infants, in your surroundings.

Second thing you should know is that you are stuck with this condition for the next 10 days at least. And they will remain this long whether you consult your doctor to prescribe you some antibiotics or not so the choice is up to you.

My advice to you is to increase intake of fluids into your organism such as chicken soup, green lime tea (if you like honey use it instead of sugar because it will easy symptoms of sore throat and help with your cough problem) and maybe even broth. I hope this was helpful.