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i know i have the herpes virus but i sont know wether its 1 or blood tests are not producing IGG's right now. so, my problem is i dont know wether or not i have pimples around my mouth and chin or if they are cold sores. sometimes they itch and pop and other times they dont. sometimes white stuff comes out and sometimes it doesnt. however, everytime i pop one another one shows up which is leading me to believ its cold sores but ive been told that pimples can do that too.....ive never had acne problems though. if anyone has any experience with this i would greatly appreciate it.



Since cold sores are very nasty condition which tends to reoccur because you are infected with herpes simplex virus which stays in your body, this is probably what you have on your chin and around your mouth. And consider yourself lucky because they sometimes appear inside mouth, on the mouth roof and even on the gums.

And they are contagious so if you can avoid people with low immunity. You are stuck with this condition for at least 10 days and sometimes even more and this depends how strong your immune system is.

Don’t touch them and especially don’t pop them out. This can only cause infection so arm yourself with patience and wait for this condition to pass on its own.