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Within the past few hours I've developed this anomaly. When I blink I see a dim flash of light at the top of my FOV in both my eyes. The flash is dim, white, ovular, and relatively symmetrical. I'm 16 with very few eye sight issues, If not none. I first noticed the flashes driving on a highway in the suburbs. There were a lot of cars due to rush hour traffic. When I first noticed it I though it was some high up cloud-to-cloud Lightning. But then I tested it and realized that it happened almost immediately after blinking and only last a fraction of a second. I found this post but it isn't exactly the same as what was described. Only other things that are probably unimportant but may be worth noting: I got my wisdom teeth out recently so Ive been on a good amount of painkillers (mostly ibprofen) and some antibiotics (which I finished yesterday night), I take prescription meds regularly: risperdal, buspar, intuniv, Wellbutrin (I've taken all of these for quite some time so they are most probably not an issue), I have had a cold recently and I'm taking Allegra-D (but I also take that regularly anyways), and also I spend way to much time staring at a screen, since our week long thanksgiving break just ended, I have had a sudden transition from constant TV, movies, and video games to none. Anyone have any ideas? THANKS?


Retinal traction, posterior vitreous detachment and tumors are certain causes of flashes that occur when you blink. This condition often goes away on its own, without requiring any treatment. However, it is still very important to consider visiting an eye doctor to make sure that it does not signal any vision loss.