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Thanks for taking you time and reading this.
I have been seeing these flashing lights in my vision. Now they come and go
and this is what I have noticed tirggers them.

Being on the computer for to long
laying down (normally on computer)
Exercising (SOMETIMES)
Marijuana (I know dont kill me for it) (when I smoke im normally on the computer)

They are described like this:
It is either in my left eye or right or both.
They are blackish when looking at a white wall and they appear whitish when looking at a computer or tv screen
They are not there and then I blink and they appear like the after image of a camera then fade away QUICKLY. this all happens within a couple seconds.
Also When I move my eye from looking at one this to the other they appear then disappear.
They only last for a seconds after I blink then come back when I blink.
If its in my right eye it come when I blink my right eye.
If its in my left it comes when I blink my left.
This lasts from 1min to 5 mins (I dont actually see the flash for 5 mins but this is how long it happens when i blink then it stops after that... so when I blink its not there.

Could this be eye strain fro computer b/c its normally happens when im on the computer or watching TV.

I have TMJ could that be anything to do with it?

I am worried it has something to do with my carotid artery or a blockage of blood flow because it happens SOMETIMES when I exercise or smoke marijuana (lowers blood pressure).

It also happens when I do not smoke or do not exercise so that is not the ONLY problem.

I went to an eye doctor and they said no retinal detachment. -came back fine
I had an ekg. -came back fine
I had an echo of my heart. -came back fine
I had a stress test. -came back fine
I had a ultrasound of my right carotid artery (because I had a lump there and a pounding in my right ear when I exercise turns out lymph node(not sure about the pounding I am worried that my left carotid artery is blocked and thats whats causing the pounding in my right ear because there needs to be more blood flow.) p.s. I have major anxiety
I had a cat scan of my neck for lumps turns out just swollen lymph node.

My parents have had it up the hear with tests because I am on 20 but I still worry its something with my blood flow. When I lay down SOMETIMES BUT NOT RARELY I can feel blood flowing in the back of my head it feels like a tingling expanding sensation that goes away after a little bit. (my doctor says its probably anxiety)

What is causing these flashing lights. It is just from eye strain or should I go and have yet another test for something.

20 yo male 185 pounds


Hi Billy: As i stated in other posts, I do think you have an anxiety disorder. You are TOTALLY FINE!! You need too get some medication so you don't worry so much. We all have flashing lights when we close our eyes - as it is THAT what our eye sees. HAve you ever seen a computer on tv. It shows it going down and down, so that is why we don't blink, the brain thinks we are. So we get eye strain.

Honestly hon, you do need to get some medications too help you with ALL of this anxiety. And STOP smoking dope, it is a depressent, and can lead to paranoia. Tray and not be on the computer so much and get out and get some fresh air. Like I said earlier, if you keep researching every little thing, you will think you have something worse. And you ahve had every test under the sun. So ask for some help, and I promise you, all this worry will be a thing of the past soon. There is no use in you worrying your life away, ESPECIALLY if there is nothing too worry about.

I'm sure if you talk to your parents about what I am saying, they will agree with me, and try and get you some help OK? And don't feel bad about it, is is growing and growing the amount of people with Anxiety or panic attacks.

Good luck and health!


I think i had the same problem with bill... I just got this problem about a moth ago..
I can see kind of camera flash light on my right eye when i blink my eyes. This happens once in every 30 - 60 minutes.
Also, i spend most of my time in front of the computer as well. Just that i don't smoke weed.

Any way to cure this?


Bully, smoking that stuff can cause major anxiety and depression. Research it please