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Hi, I'm not proud of my mistakes I have made but I really really need help.... Me and my boyfriend had been together for 2 years we had sex Dec 6th - 7th @ like 1am or so, so the 7th no protection or nothing & he completely came in me, than I made the mistake of having sex with a guy on Dec 9th he said he pulled out & the last day of my period was November 18th . My due date is September 1st, who would be the dad.... Someone please help. He said he pulled out so could my boyfriend be the father ??


Hi Guest,

When did your last period start?  Dates are based on the start of your period.

Your due date is consistent with a period starting on November 25.  

That would be sex on days 11-12 of your cycle with your boyfriend and with "a guy" on day 14.

You'd be near peak fertility in both cases.  Either man could be the father.  You are going to need a DNA test.