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My LMP was 22July I had unprotected sex with my boy friend on 29-31July, then on 2August I had u protected sex with my ex now I am pregnant but i don't know who is the real Father of my unborn child ultrasound says my due date is 24 April


Hi Enny,

The ultrasound date is an estimate.  It corresponds to an LMP of July 19 - so very close.

You had sex with your boyfriend on day 7-9 of your cycle.  You had sex with your ex on day 11.  Most women ovulate between about days 11-16 of their cycle.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days max.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hours after ovulation.

EIther male could be the father.  You will need a DNA test to determine paternity.

Hope it helps.