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I'm tired of shaving and waxing and I decided to try laser hair removal. But, I've heard that laser treatments cost about $200-$500 a session.  That's quite expensive for me, but if laser hair removal works, I'm ready to spend a little more. Am I going to be satisfied with the results?


I have olive skin tone and was really apprehensive about getting the laser treatment to get the hair removal treatment. The usual hair removal methods are really time consuming and it is painful too when it is waxing. I searched online for the best cosmetic clinic for the hair removal treatment in the Delhi region and I got to know about the Les CosMedics Clinic, Rajouri Garden. Contacting the office staff was easy and easily got the free consultation prior to getting treatment. I got my face area, legs as well as underarms treated for the unwanted hair removal. It has been one month since my first laser session and I am getting good result. Now I am looking forward to getting the next laser hair removal treatment.