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Alright first thing is first I have nothing against people who have long or short term mental illnesses.

There are many people out there who have something against people with mental illness, & I am wondering why is that I think its a lack of knowledge and people see people with mental illness as one and not by individual qualities & uniqueness.

Why do people think that a mental illness is a weakness and scared?
Do you think mental illnesses are a weakness or not and explain, & please be consecrate and think before you speak.


Well, maybe because it is. If you think about it, mental illness prevents you from living a normal life, so in a sense you ARE a weaker person, you are more vulnerable than you were before you had it.
Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against mentally ill people. It's like having something against myself...which I totally actually do xD
But, anyway, I so feel more vulnerable and weak and I think back at the times I was a healthy person and I renaissance to when I was a bright, courageous person and I do feel weak myself.