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Ok, first of all im 18 years old (male). i am not too bothered about this and just get on with life, and i just acept who i am. But, all my life, i have just 'new' i was mental, and differnt to everyone else around me, and just 'werid' . Examples of this are:

I dont interact with others as much as other people, ive never had a girlfriend, i get some particular 'bad thoughts' in my head and even when i want it to stop it carrys on, i get very hyperactive sometimes, say random things that im thinkin about that other people find werid but funny, act differntly towards differnt people etc... (ie my friends i wud seem to act 'normal', with a teacher act 'good and normal' and with brothers n sisters i seem to act in a 'mental' way.

i find certain words i cant talk about or say to people, i dont like certain sounds (ie washin a pan with a metal cleaner thing, even the though of it makes me cringe.) I also at times get dizzy spells that last no more than 10 seconds, but this does not happen alot.

And, amazingly with all these problems, i can act like, completley normal when im with other peaple who im trying to impress. I dont know my real self, because i see my self as a great, cool, amazing person, but in reality, i know that i do not apear to be who i think i really am, and as i get older, im becoming more aware of this.

Also, feeling the need to write all this must imply that theres something not right dosnt it? and also what i find werid is, i can accept i have a problem and explain it, but with alot of mental disorders, the suffering peaple cant accept.

PLz reply to this if you know anything, or can help me in anyway, or if ya just wanna talk to me. Thx


why dosent anybody reply!!! plzzzzz (BUMP)


Okay: sounds to me like you just have loneliness and/or anxiety. Trust me. I'm the same way. I have anxiety and that's what happens to me.

I'm not really talkative either and I don't interact w/ others as much as other people either. That can be normal.

You've never had a girlfriend? Well, you'll get one someday or someday you won't. People come and go and so do gfs and bfs. I haven't had a boyfriend yet and im 16, but i dont want one cuz i feel that im too young to have one yet. Plus I'm nto ready.

Lemme see, "bad thoughts" you say? What you mean like am I going to die? What if this happens? What if so and so is trying to kill me? Ect.
I have those ALL of the time. I'm always worried. And whenever I want the worrying to go away, it never does until I try and focus on something else. Even then you still might be anxious/ fearful. I'm the same way.

As for the ppl thinking your not funny, well, have you ever considered that they think your not funny? And weird? There are tons of weird ppl out there! I'm am one for example.

I can't say stuff to some ppl. I have a bad secret i don't want to share with my parents. I don't like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard or someone puking or the sound of the washer when it gets unbalanced and sound like its walking toward you. It happens to everyone. The dizzy spells, well i get em too! It's from anxiety. I dunno my real self either.

"""I dont know my real self, because i see my self as a great, cool, amazing person, but in reality, i know that i do not apear to be who i think i really am, and as i get older, im becoming more aware of this. """
Same here. Dont worry about that either.

Hey i wrote a lot when i thought i had some illness, but it turns out it was just all my imagination and my body feeling everday normal things that a normal person would just not feel becaus e they ignore it and are less aware.


ps: ive been thinking i have been sometime too.

dont worry

if you need me ill be right here. ^_^


well im like that dude.. and if he aint mental, neither am i..

...we're just cool in our own way... 8)


Your fine.. You just want atention around your friends, get your confidance up with girls and talk to more people, this easses your attention seeking :-)


i have the EXACT symptoms u do dude.......i cant interact with others,its weird becuz im a waitress i have few friends that tell me im crazy n need to go check my self which i need n was told its just a continousy dizzy then will start acting different as the other guy said ur cool in ur own way not crazy :-D