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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with mental psychotic illness and it recently came back but is seen more as depression. i find it difficult to smile and laugh about anything but my usual personality is go with the flow and dont take anything especially yourself too seriously. now suffering with anxiety attacks and getting problems with vision just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

i have stopped going down my yard to look after and ride my horse and stopped seeing all my friends my mum gets me out of the house doing things like dog walks but i just dont feel myself still after being on meds for a month now. feel quite isolated and get mad thoughts. be nice to speak to someone who might know about this illness or gone through the same.



I'm no specialist in this area, so I won't try to comment.

Except that it is important for you to continue to interact with people and get out of the house into the world.
You've already noticed that you've "stopped going down my yard" and "stopped seeing all my friends."
SO, you're aware of the change of behaviors. But it's important that you continuing doing the regular things (like caring for your horse)
and seeing friends. MAKE the effort to continue to meet them. It's one of the best things to help you "get out of yourself".

Good luck.