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im bout to be 13 in a few months and i still havent started on my mom says i have no signs which i was sad and sometimes i even favorite cousin start when she was 11 , my mom started when she was 13 and most of my friends started except me and my 2 best frend.what happen if they start before me.wat happens if i never start.please help me somebody.


Hi Chocolategurl,
I know how you feel. I didnt begin my period until I was 15. It is not unusual, sweetie. Please dont stress yourself about this. Your young body is functioning the way it was created to. When you go through different and wonderful changes in your life, and when your body goes through different "times"... please dont compare yourself to other girls and expect your body to function exactly as others do. The changes you will have are all TOTALLY normal, and a beautiful beginning to becoming a young woman.
From what i read in your post, it almost seems like you are "feeling" strange that these things havent begun yet. Please dont. Remember that when your hormone changes truly begin, they are going to cause some possibly "strange" unknown and "unsure" feelings. These are normal, and they will pass.
You have a wonderful life before you, with great times and challenges in which those challenges will only make you stronger, and help you grow and grow. Dont forget your strengths young lady. Dont be afraid of any challenges.... go through them with common sense, dignity and reach into the strength you have been given. Hang in there !!!