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why is my Labia swollen its only one side an its hard. also really sore... and itchy


I've read a lot of older posts and I've seen some answers that fit but would still like a current one. A couple of days I had sex for the first time with a guy I've been dating, he's very large compared to partners in the past and today I noticed that the left side of my labia is swollen and a little sore and has truly freaked me out. As I said he is very large and we had sex several times that night without lubrication. (side note I'm allergic to all laundry detergents EXCEPT "ALL" and I've taken my summer clothes out that my Mom had washed for me and I don't know what they were washed in but I wore a pair of the shorts without underwear).

So is it the lack of lube and the fact he was so large...maybe the laundry detergent issue or possibly both? I'd appreciate any answers possible.
Note: I'm 34 yrs old and this is the first time this has EVER happened. But again this guy was VERY large compared to other partners in the past.