I have smelt my previous girl friend's vagina when she was of age 14 or 15.But the age may not be right as the incident was of many years ago and I just remember that there was no pubic hair in her vagina space.The smell was very very sexy,little like ammonia,but not perfectly like urine.I was just mad to smell that.Though the smell was very very strong and even I could not lick the vagina due to smell but that was so sexy.Then after few days I got the same smell from another girl's panty.Then I think all girls have this smell.But now I have smelt my present girlfriend's vagina who is of age 22,but no such smell found.I am very very mad to get the smell.So please tell me why is the difference of their vagina?Is this due to pheromone?When period starts,does the smell of vagina change(even not in the time of period.I know in the time of period,there is a fishy odor)? Please tell.I have googled about this.Every site tells that those previous girls were not hygiene and the present girl is.But I am not satisfied with those answers as the smell was not bad,that was just as drug for me.I want the smell madly.Is there any lack of sex in my present girlfriend?Please solve.