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My vagina has an oder! I went to the GYNO and she tested me and they all came back negative! I still have an oder smells like cat litter! Plus for the past 5 days I have been having globs of mucus that comes out in my pee. I called the GYNO again and she said she isn't concerned! Lord someone please help me!! Any suggestions well appreciated!


If you have anything smart or negative to say then please don't waste your time because we are grown adults here! Act your age and not your shoe size!


I suspect the mucous isn't coming out "in" your urine; the bladder contractions as you urinate are pushing the secretions from your vagina.


Vaginal odor can be due to hormonal changes, especially if you are approaching or into menopause. For years, I could tell when I ovulated by the change in my smell / odor -- I had essentially none except for a few days between ovulation and the start of my period. Once I hit full menopause, no odor at all. I ended up on a natural estrogen cream for severe hot flashes, and even with no period, I still have a few days here and there when I get that sharp, acrid odor again.


When I was younger (but in my 40's) and had the odor, I did a lot of research. I used povidine iodine (found in first aid section of pharmacies, "drug" stores, Walmarts, etc.) as a douche; a few tablespoons in a douche bag (yes, there really is such a thing, it's not just a derogatory term people call each other) with warm water. This cleansed the bacteria and secretions out very well. I'd do this every day for a couple of weeks, then taper off until I needed to start up again. If you have a history of yeast infections, you may want to use a vinegar douche every few days as a substitute, to help balance the natural acidity of the vagina.


There are also some very good supplements you can find online ... I don't remember the name of the brand I took, but it WORKED! Try looking up "vaginosis" or even just vaginal odor. It wasn't cheap, and refrigeration after opening a bottle was recommended. But as I say, the stuff truly worked and worked fast. Sometimes douching with probiotics can help, too.


I talked to my gynocologist several times about this; each time, she or he said no odor was present to them (of course, I was super clean in preparation for the exam -- no perspiration from the day, etc.). But I could smell it and hated it.


Instead of mixing your own douche liquid, you can buy pre-made, both those with the povidine iodine as well as those with vinegar. You can warm the solution by setting the disposable bottles in a sink with warm water for several minutes.


Vaginosis is actually very common, according to what I found in my research ... but we are naturally embarrassed by it, because no one talks about it, not even to their best girlfriends. So, you aren't the only one, and you CAN get rid of it.


Best wishes.