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I'm really very confused now, i need advise.
my last period start on 16 june end on 20-22 june.
my next period would be on 16 or 18 july
today is 30 july I'm already late for 12 days.
my bf and i have unprotected sex on 06 july.
he didnt clean up the first time he ejaculated and carry on with the second time immediately.
will i be pregnant even he does not ejaculated inside me?
I'm so worried that i will be pregnant.
I'm now currently overseas working.
i dont know what should i do.
i have Abdominal Pain mostly on lower left side and sometimes both side today I felt it in the middle just below my belly button, Bloating, and feel Nausea at night.
I would be tired in the afternoon, no naps as I'm working, then by the end of the day around 8-9pm will be very tired, I would sleep till 12 midnight and wake up suddenly, can't get back to sleep till 2-4am
and I will sweat while sleeping in a air condition room, never felt this way before.

i have tested on the pregnancy kit on 28 July, result show negative.
will i still be pregnant if the result show negative?


Well you have good chances of being pregnant. However the test has showed you negative.
You know that if you stress about this too much your body can behave in this way. I think it is important for you to relax as much as you can.

Have you tried using another HPT?