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Hi, need help, I'm 25 female and a virgin. I have an situation that I'm nervous about and wonder if anyone has gone through it. I have IBS and get constipated at times, well it got so bad that I used an suppository and within 7 mins it caused anal leakage. I was trying to use the bathroom, when I wiped my vagina it had some of the anal leakage. So, I'm scared that I'm going to get a disease because I wiped light liquid anal leakage, there was no fectal matter but what I leaked out from my anus was I'm sure liquid fectal matter. As soon as I finished I went and used 2 feminine wipes and after I went to the bathroom I took a shower. So, again I'm scared that something could go wrong. My Gyno is packed for a month so I cant see her yet but need some sort of answers. Thanks.


It is good that you cleansed the area and showered to remove any fecal matter that was on the toilet paper.  Various bacteria, such as E. coli, is harmless in the colon but can cause infection in the vagina if a female does not wipe correctly.  By cleansing with the feminine wipes and showering with soap, this should have taken care of ridding the area of any harmful bacteria.  Be sure to use a separate wad of toilet paper for each type of 'business' you do in the bathroom- one for urine and one (or more) for wiping stool.  If you do have odorous discharge that is greenish or other color from the vagina, get in as soon as possible to see your OB/GYN.