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Okay so me and my girlfriend have never had actual intercorse but we were close and i rubbed my penis on the outside of her vagina but stopped quickly because we thought it was dangerous. We are worried that maybe the pre-cum can cause pregnancy, does matter that i was never "inside" her ?

She has felt no morning sickness or increased urination but she has had sore breasts for one day and a mucusy liquid has come out in very small amounts. The sore breasts were probably due to me sucking on them during foreplay. Most of the signs didn't seem major to me but she was due on her period 2 days ago (i know way to early to panic) but last day she came over her lower stomach felt bloated. Is bloating just caused by pregnancy or could it also be a sign of her period coming? Its only been a week or 2 since we made the mistake so wouldnt it be too early for her to start bloating?


Yeah, she's definitely not pregnant. It doesn't work like that.