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Firstly, I'm a 20 year old virgin. Meaning I've not had sexual intercourse yet. Secondly, this is the first guy I've ever kissed and done anything sexual with. So, we've dry humped and had oral sex. I have couple of questions because I'm very new to this. He is my first boyfriend and I have zero experience concerning sex and everything related to it.

So on November 18th, just two days before my period, we got naked and stuff. And he rubbed his penis on my vagina. No intercourse. the next morning my breasts were swollen and sore. How did this happen? My breasts have never been sore before. But the morning after we had foreplay and heavy petting, this happened. What could this mean.

On November 21st, while I was on my period, he again rubbed himself against me. No sex though. He never cumed because he only has cum when I give him head. If there was pre-cum, how do I know? what does it look like? On november 3rd, the same thing happened. On dec 17th, we fooled around and stuff. And then he put his penis I mean, he touched my vagina with it and tried to insert it , but it was hurting, so I told him to take it off. I gave him hand job after that so I know I did not see any semen or anything on it. His penis looked clean. I also went into the bathroom and rubbed my vagina with the towel to be on the safe side. Okay....we did have foreplay and the next day, my breasts felt very sore......they still are and sensitive too. My nipples are tender too. what does this mean again? Is it just because my periods are due or because they were grabbed and sucked on or is this a sign of pregnancy???
Oh and I've not had my periods yet either.

And guys I have white discharge from my vagina and it itches sometimes. BTW I've had irregular periods before but i'm a very paranoid person and all this being new to me is freaking out more.





First things first! Pregnancy is not instant, it takes up to 2 weeks for the whole process to complete, so obviously two days later you are not pregnant... Fertilization may have just happened, but it still has to implant. You would not have sore breasts until 4-6 weeks pregnant. ALSO , by 2 days before your period, the egg is already dead and long gone.

Pre-cum is that clear fluid that comes from his penis.

Heavy sucking on breasts can definately make them sore.

Because you are so close to sexual contact, have you considered birth control pills.?

NO woman, even 15 year olds, need parental consent, so it is easily obtained confidentially.


hey icebreaker, Ive had 4 kids and I don't suggest you go telling people that you don't get sore breasts until 4-6 weeks, I had it within 2 with all my boys. Unless youre a f*****g doctor maybe just don't write sh*t. Dumb c**t


This happens alot when your body wants relief. Alot of four play tells your body to get ready and if intercourse does not occur then your body becomes irradiated.