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Hey guys, So about 2 weeks ago I got what I think it was an yeast infection. I took Monistat 1 ( which btw don't take it. It's horrible and hurts. Take the 3 or 7 instead!) and it worked after 1-2 days. I feel way better. However, I was up pode to get my period 3 days ago. I'm not the most regular person, but I feel no cramps or any common symptoms that it might be coming. Honestly, I doubt im pregnant. The only time I've had sex times month It was with protection. But who know. Maybe somehow in the middle of everything something Happend. I already took 1 pregnancy test 4 days ago and It came up negative. I heard infection could not delay or period, and it's usually a early song of pregnancy. Am I right ??? Thanks!


Hello Valentina,

infections such as yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases can and wery often do cause delayed periods. So, you can't quite rule that out as a reason your period is late. Even things like stress, anxiety and strong emotional events can have an effect on your period. Either way, pregnancy test you took should be accurate almost 100%  - it's usually recommended to take a pregnancy test only after your period is late because that's when they're most accurate. You should still, of course, take things with a bit of caution and see an ob-gyn if your period doesn't come within a week or two after it's due date.

Wish you all the best,