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I was just watching this episode of Dr. Oz and he mentioned nipples somewhere in between and I just felt like patting my nipple (The right one) and I realized they hurt. I'm pretty sure that it's been hurting for at least a few months, I never paid attention though. Then, I squeezed it and realized my nipple was more swollen then the other. But right after a clear fluid came out. Every time I squeeze my nipples (Did it just a few times to make sure) and what do you know, it kept happening.

I'm not sure whether this is an early warning sign of breast cancer, or just puberty. Debating whether I should go to my doctor about this.


If you have been sexually active, it may be possible that what you are experiencing is a symptom of pregnancy.  Even if you have never had a period, if you had sex during your first ovulation (which you wouldnt have known), you may have become pregnant.  Also, some people experience what appears to be a period while they are pregnant.  If you haven't been sexually active, you should talk to an adult and see a Dr.  I haven't heard of anyone experiencing this during puberty & I definitly dont think its a sign of breast cancer. So relax & do see a Dr.