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Jobs and money, social survey scientists tell us, stress out Americans aged 18 to 33.

While the findings won't surprise many people, the American Psychological Association recently released the results of a study that found that the most stressed generation of Americans is the Millennials, Americans who have come of age since the year 2000, and the greatest life stressors are jobs and money.

Just How Stressed Is the Millennial Generation?

Millennials, Americans who are now aged 18 to 33, report greater stress about life in general than any other age group in the United States. On a scale of 0 to 10, Millennials on average rate their stress at 5.4, compared to 4.9 for all Americans considered together.

The oldest Millennials came of age just a year before 9/11.

The majority of Millennials were looking for their first jobs as American entered a recession with unprecedented numbers of bailouts and bank failures in 2008. Even in 2013, no other group has higher rates of unemployment and underemployment in most states. Millions of Millennials have had to move back to live with their parents.

Millions of Millennials are unable to find the financial means to start homes and families of their own.

Millennials More Dissatisfied with Health Care

The American Psychological Association survey also found that young adults were more likely than other groups to express dissatisfaction with their health care options. Unlike generations of young people that came before them, today's young adults are keenly aware of the potentially disastrous consequences of not having health insurance. This may be because they are just more tuned into certain aspects of society, or because there is a lot of coverage of bankruptcies and foreclosures following high medical bills, and coverage of the stories of people allowed to die because their insurance did not pay for expensive procedures, but young people are keenly aware of medical care costs.

Although the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 (the so-called Obamacare) permits millions of adult children to remain on their parents' health insurance policies, this option expires at the age of 26, leaving young adults with chronic health conditions unable to find health coverage until the law changes in early 2014.

In a survey report entitled Stress in America: Missing the Health Care Connection, the American Psychological Association reports that:

  • Only 17% of Millennials report that their doctors help them manage stress.
  • Only 23% of Millennials report that their doctors help them make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Only 25% of Millennials give their healthcare systems a grade of "A."
  • Fully 49% of Millennials report they aren't managing their stress well.
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