Squinting is an involuntary action that improves eyesight by focusing sharply on objects and reduces the bright glare.
A new research shows that if you spend a lot of time reading at your work or do a lot of visually intense work, you may be at risk of developing eye strain or dry eye.

Squinting at the computer causes less blinking, which may lead to dryness and loss of lubrication leading to eye strain, irritation and tearing.
Blinking has been shown to rewets the eyes and people who blink less may be in danger of developing dry eye.

The study included 10 healthy students who were asked to squint at a computer placed 2 feet before their eyes. The number of times they blinked was recorded by cameras and electrodes. The researchers found that even a slight amount of squinting reduced the blink rates by about 50 percent.

Dry eye is a painful condition but luckily, it can be treated by lubricating eye drops.