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I believe my immune system has gone wild. No one knows what is wrong with me, but I was diagnosed with several conditions and infections in past few months. I was just wondering could this be hereditary thing. My both parents are dead and my nearest cousin is on another continent, so I don’t really have anyone to consult about this.


What do you mean by going wild? Our immune system is an amazing network of cells that function from very basic to highly complex levels and when it gets confused, it can lead to unanticipated damage to our own bodies. The purpose of this entire system is to protect us from infection and monitor our own cells for any damage. Genetic background as well as particular environmental exposures creates a situation where that individual may have an increased risk for developing an autoimmune illness.


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Just out of interest.... What type of infections are you getting?

Not sure if this will help.
I thought my daugher had something wrong with her immune system.
She was constantly getting..
Kidney infections
Bladder infections
Ear infections
Throat infections

I asked the doctor if it was her immune system.

They said that the anibiotics wouldnt work as fast as there were in her feeling better as antibiotics dont kill infections (like i thought) they just block the infection. That way the infection cant get any worse. Then your own immune system works on the bacteria an kills the infection.