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a few days ago i began to have dull abdominal pain.  the next evening I totally lost my appetite, felt very nauseated and got the chills.  it's day 4 now and those symptoms have mostly gone, thought i still have an upset belly on the lower right side, constipation(tiny hard BM's only in the morning), general malaise, and headache.   Since the onset of symptoms I've been eating kimchi, apples, vegetables, rice, lemon ginger turmeric tea with coconut oil, and whole grain cereal.  Should i wait to go to the doctor until I'm in severe pain and have a fever over 100 degrees?  could i have an infected appendix that is healing itself?  should i pray to Allah or Jesus or Hygieia or Gichi Manidoo?


As per the recent survey it can be said that there are lots of health benefits of ginger tea let us see what they are in detail. You will be free from nausea, reduce weight easily, boost brain performance and control blood sugar.

1. Soothes the Stomach

Ginger is regarded as the age old practice for treating nausea, motion sickness etc. It is helpful even for pregnant women. There are medical research centers which has suggested the use of ginger tea for cancer affected patients suffering from cancer. You can also add lemon to the tea to reduce the effect of nausea.

2. Enhances Immunity

Ginger tea also helps in boosting your immunity especially during bad weather and you have a running nose or you are allergic to cold weathers. This is definitely a good natural solution for you. It has some special compounds like paradols, gingerols, shagaol which helps in fighting the free radicals and decrease the inflammation. There are lots of antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties in Ginger root.

3. Protects Brain Health

Another health benefit of ginger tea is to boost your brain performance and protect against neurodegenerative disorders. Science says that consuming ginger extract for two months has enhanced cognitive function and attention in the middle-aged women.

4. Eases Pain

Your joints and muscle pain will go away if you add a cup of ginger tea on a daily basis. It also helps in reducing the pain related to menstrual cramps. Patients suffering from arthritis also got relief by consuming ginger tea. It works well when compared to the placebo effect.