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Hello, With the recent cut backs on prescriptions for tests strips, I was wondering how much do different test strips cost the nhs? I know that the nhs takes the burden of cost for diabetes patients in the UK but is the UK running out of money? I was wondering how many people require diabetic care and if that number was increasing. Diabetes is a serious disease and you need a number of test strips to monitor you r blood glucose levels every day to manage your glucose levels properly. Will it come to the point where test strips on not available through the nhs and we will have to buy everything ourselves. Anyone have information on this?


In the United Kingdom most of the diabetic services are paid by the National Health Service (NHS). They're responsible for providing for individuals with every type of diabetes at every stage. I'm not sure my figures are completely up to date but I believe around 10 percent of NHS funds go to diabetes but that's probably greater now. Essentially, the percentage continues to rise. There are millions of people in the UK requiring services which is a huge amount. It is very high in the U.S. as well. I think the most recent cost of diabetes care runs around £3.5 billion annually. I believe that converts to $5.7 billion U.S. dollars according to a conversion table. I believe that each of the test strips cost the NHS differently. But, I believe it is around £14.94 ($24.50) a box of 50. This isn't cheap by any means. And, of course you pay more. Consider millions of people who need test strips, WOW. That's really big business. All of us need to eat more healthy foods starting when we are young and make sure we exercise regularly to ward of diabetes. This is a major burden to the medical community. Hope the information was useful.