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The fear of the violation of our personal zone makes us dread the visit to the gynecologist - a big mental block that every woman has to overcome. As it is a matter concerning our health and well being, the sooner we overcome our shyness, the better.

It is important for women to overcome their self consciousness and ask questions which are critical for their health

Each one of us has our own personal space around us and we are fiercely protective about it. We don’t like anybody to violate that space, except for someone very close to us. It is the fear of the violation of our personal zone which makes us dread the visit to the gynecologist. It is a big mental block that every woman has to overcome. As it is a matter concerning our health and well being, the sooner we overcome our shyness, the better. It is extremely important to overcome the self consciousness so that women could ask their ob-gyn questions which can be critical to their health.

If you feel more comfortable being examined by a female doctor rather than a male doctor, then it is better to choose accordingly. Going to a male doctor and then being hesitant in asking questions or getting yourself examined would do no good for your cause.

It is essential to remember that to your ob-gyn you are similar to the umpteen patients she is seeing everyday. Your anatomy is the same as any other woman and for your doctor, examining you is a matter of routine. Your shyness will just hold you back from asking important questions. Also remember that knowing about your sex live is important only from the medical point of view. The doctor is not there to pass any moral judgment and hence, do not resist sharing any information with her. Many medical conditions are affected by your sex life and therefore, it is important for your doctor to know about it so that she can order suitable tests.

It is always a good idea to think about your visit to the ob-gyn before you’re actually there. Ponder over the questions you would like to ask her and make a mental list of them. This is important because many a times, women are so nervous in the office of their doctor that they forget to ask questions. Some of the important questions that you should be asking your ob-gyn are:

1.    Questions regarding your menstrual periods-
Whether you are concerned about the dates, the amount of flow, or pain or any other symptoms associated with them, feel free to discuss them with your ob-gyn.

2.    Questions regarding the tests that you should be undergoing-
You must have heard of several tests that females should undergo but are not sure when to go for them. Your ob-gyn is the best person to guide you.

3.    Questions regarding any discharge from the vagina or urinary incontinence- Any abnormal discharge from your vagina should be brought to the notice of your doctor. It could be of any particular odor or color; your doctor can treat it accordingly.

4.    Questions regarding the different methods of birth control- You are confused about the method that you should adopt. Sharing the problem with your doctor will help you in choosing the method that is the best suited to your requirements.

5.    Questions regarding your sex drive- If of late, you have not been feeling “up to it”; do not be embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor. She may be able to find out a reason behind it.

6.    Questions regarding pregnancy and delivery-
You are pregnant and have been noticing changes in your body and mood. You are not sure whether they are because of your pregnant state and are normal; your doctor is the best person to allay your fears. Similarly discussing about your delivery will save you from many apprehensions.

7.    Questions regarding menopause- Of late, you are having a lot of mood swings. They may be part of menopausal symptoms and your doctor can prescribe medicines to bring them under control.

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