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I had an abortion on December 8, 2006 and 2 days after I stopped bleeding, I had sex with my boyfriend(protected) afterward, I noticed that I was bleeding again,but it was not red, it was more like a brownish-pink color, and had a weird smell. It didnt stink but it didnt smell good either. I also noticed that when I would urinate, I would have cramps, similar to urinary tract infection but not as painful. When I would wipe myself I would see these long hairs on the tissue. (My bf and I shave our pubic area). I would also see these flesh colored things that looked like bloodclots in shape. I had my first real period and it was heavier than normal. I could feel it coming down every time I laughed or moved or yelled too loud. The blood was kind of thin, but bright red. then toward the end it was that brown pinkish color and it lasted 9 days instead of my normal 7 days.

Here are my questions.

Are those flesh colored things left over flesh from the baby?
Are those long hairs from the baby?(My first child has a lot of hair, so maybe this one did too)
Is that type of bleeding normal, and is the color normal?
Is that smell normal and is it the smell of the decayed baby?(sorry if im too graphic)
Are those type of cramps normal?

Please help me.


I am serious about the above questions. I am scared. I got 96 views but no one is answering me. :-( :'(


To be honest, especially this long after your abortion, it is important to know if you have seen a doctor about your situation. While we can give advice, or information on personal experience, that is the person who could answer your questions better. Also Carifairy would be far more knowledgeable than I will ever claim to be, so perhaps that is whom you should look to for more assistance.


IF you had an after abortion infection, it would be within 1 WEEK OF your abortion.

ALL WOMEN must go back and have a check up within 3 weeks of the abortion, they look you over and make sure there are zero signs of infection.

YOU should see a doctor...

NO, the hair would NOT have been from a baby, it would be much too early for hair!

Blood clots after an abortion are normal, especially when women resume having sex, because the activity is vigorous on the uterus.