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Every coin has two faces. People may have pointed out some habits of yours which you need to shun. You may be embarrassed by them but are they really so bad? Before trying to chuck them out, pause and give them a thought. Maybe, they too have a plus side.

You have long been chided for certain habits of yours. People find them irritating and you have begun to feel guilty about them. You have been trying hard to give up on them but habits being habits, they have a tendency to return. But have you ever given a thought to these so called bad habits?

Scientists have been coming up with researches which prove that some of these so called bad habits are actually good for your health. They may banish fatigue and lift up your mood. Certain bad habits are really BAD and cannot be endorsed. But some of them like fidgeting, forgetting to take your multivitamins, or sipping coffee, can at times be a blessing in disguise.

Here’s a list of some bad habits, which you may continue with, without feeling guilty.

1. Gossiping 

Ever noticed how light and happy you feel after chatting up for just 15 minutes with your best friend? How you were dying to share the latest gossip about your new neighbor with your friend, and how your heart soared when you saw the twinkle in your friend’s eyes when she heard about it?

Cheer up girl! You need not lose heart when others brand you as a gossip-monger.

There have been so many studies to prove that gossiping is a perfect way to squash those feelings of tension and anxiety. In fact, according to a research at Rhode Island’s Brown University, almost 96% of the participants confirmed that they felt much better after gossiping. They remained stress free for up to four hours after chatting for just 20 minutes.

Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happy Families says that women who spread positive gossip are relieved from depression by almost 72% within 3 months. Another research from University of California Berkeley confirms that gossiping is therapeutic and even prevents bad behavior.

2. Fidgeting

You are aware of the fact that you just cannot sit still. You are either doodling, or playing with your hair locks, or fiddling with your pen and irritating your companion no end. Do not feel bad about it.

Researchers from Rochester’s Mayo Clinic would like you to believe that you are actually increasing your fat-burning metabolic rate by almost 40%. A recent research has found that children, irrespective of whether they are suffering from an attention disorder or not, improve their working memory performance if they are in the habit of fidgeting or squirming. Scientists also tell us that fidgeting helps in the release of hormones similar to those produced during exercising, which act as stress-busters.

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