Researchers from the Duke University Medical Center performed a study in which they explored the taste-altering effects of food and beverages on cigarette palatability. They asked over 200 smokers to specify which foods worsened or enhanced the taste of cigarettes.

Dairy products like milk or cheese have been named by 19% of the study participants to worsen the taste of cigarettes, non-caffeinated beverages like water or juice by 14% while 16% reported fruits and vegetables.

Forty-four percent alleged that alcoholic beverages enhanced the taste of cigarettes, while 45% reported it was caffeinated beverages like tea, cola and coffee and 11% reported meat.

The researchers are hoping that identifying components of foods and beverages that ruin the taste of cigarettes could lead to new treatments in smoking cessation.

For the time being, they are looking at the possibility of using the chemical silver acetate to help smokers quit. The chemical has been known to alter the taste of cigarettes and could be used in the form of a gum or a lozenge as part of smoking cessation treatment.