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Women have to take care of their families and can ill-afford to fall sick. In order to prevent them from some grave illnesses, doctors have prescribed certain tests. Read on to find out about the medical tests no woman can afford to skip.

Women are supposed to be the main pillar of any household around which the house revolves. She is responsible for the health of all the members of the family. Therefore, it is extremely important that she remains in good health herself. But it is often seen that a woman puts her health last on her priority list.

While she never forgets a date with the doctor when her husband or her children are concerned, she generally forgets to find time for her own meeting with the doctor. However, doctors recommend certain tests which are a must-have for all women.

These are tests that help in the early diagnosis of some medical conditions. Early diagnosis leads the way to prompt treatment so that the woman can continue to live in good health. Some of these tests which are necessary for every woman include:

Regular cardiovascular checkup

Statistics show that heart and cardiovascular diseases are single-handedly responsible for the death of 250,000 American women annually. According to the American Heart Association, the number of women succumbing to heart disease is six times the number of women dying every year due to breast cancer.

One simple way of identifying your risk for developing a heart or cardiovascular disease is by undergoing a blood test, to check your lipid profile. It not only helps you to know the amount of cholesterol in your arteries but also indicates the ratio between the high density lipoproteins (good fat) and the low and very low density lipoproteins (bad fat). Based on these results, a woman can modify her lifestyle in order to prevent heart diseases.

Apart from the blood tests, every woman should get her blood pressure checked from time to time. Hypertension is a leading cause of heart diseases. In case of presence of symptoms like shortness of breath or palpitations, a woman is advised to undergo a stress echocardiogram. This test determines the rate of blood flow to the heart and also identifies any impediment to it in case there is any.

The Pap test

One cannot stress enough the importance of the Pap test. It is recommended that every woman should undergo a Pap test annually, one she is 21 years of age, or three years after she becomes sexually active, whichever is earlier. According to the American Cancer Society, this test should be done annually till a woman has reached thirty years of age. After 30, if three tests in a row are normal, then she can undergo a Pap test every two or three years.

A Pap test is done to collect a cell sample from the cervical tissue. These cells are examined under a microscope to determine if they exhibit any abnormal behavior. The presence of abnormal cells in a Pap test may be indicative of early changes in cervical cancer.

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