Purines are chemical substances which are not only produced naturally in the body, but also found in various types of foods. These purines are converted into uric acid during digestion which is thrown out of the body thorough the urine. However, when the body starts producing uric acid in very high quantities or if it is not able to excrete uric acid properly, a person is said to have gout which is a type of arthritis. However, treatment for gout is not only restricted to medications and therapy, but also to major changes in the person's diet and life style. The diets include purine free diets and Low purine diet.
A purine free diet for gout includes those foods that have low purine content like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, bananas, fresh cherries, green leafy vegetables, pineapple, cabbage, oranges, bell pepper, low fat diary products, potatoes, etc. One has to drink a lot of water and other fluids like cherry juice while following a purine free diet.
There are some high purine foods that should be avoided in a purine free diet such as Organ meats, Fishes, Sardines, Yeast supplements, Mushrooms, Whole grain cereals and breads, Green peas, Asparagus, Oats and oatmeal, Spinach, Bran and wheat germ, Cauliflower, Tea and coffee, Skimmed milk, Nuts and peanut, butter Carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc.

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