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My mother was diagnosed with gout. She really loves to eat, not much tho, but she loves variety of foods. With new diagnose she's pretty limited to certain foods, don't your think? Are there other gout sufferers who could recommend proper diet?


Hello marice,

Gout as you probably know is a from of arthritis.  It is associated with a bad diet of meat, seafood and alcohol.  Today, there are new diets that are essentially what other people would that you can have.

Take breakfast for example you can whole grain cereal (no sugar) or oatmeal with fruit, juice and coffee if you like.  For lunch you could try a lean meat or fish by itself or make a sandwhich (whole wheat).  Try some healthy celery and carrots and some fruit.  You can have a salad and or soup preferably home made not from the can.  And, for dinner try roasted chicken, steamed veggies and a baked potato (eat the skin).  Your beverage can be coffee, tea or juice.  You need to stay away from alcohol.  You have uric acid crystals and severe inflammation.  Your trying to eliminate that or at least lessen it.